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Baeplex Martial Arts Newsletter

Martial Arts Newsletter - BaeplexWould you like to know what’s going on at BAEPLEX?

Our new E-newsletter, BAEPLEX News, keeps you up-to-date with on-going developments, special events and community functions. BAEPLEX News is easy and quick to read with simple headings that direct your focus to the news you want. With the right balance of information in community events, martial arts and wellness, your subscription will bring value to your reading experience. Periodically, we run on-line contests and feedback surveys where participants can win some amazing prizes. Whether you are local or a friend abroad, we want to share our experiences with you.

  • Overview of programs and services
  • Current trends in Martial Arts and Wellness
  • Tips and ideas for stress management, parenting & working out
  • Reviews from local organizations and members
  • Starter Course specials and enrollment opportunities
  • Project 2015 & Beyond