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Getting Started - Martial Arts in Williamsburg VA 23185Getting started at BAEPLEX is simple and quick. New comers have the opportunity to try out our programs and services with a short-term trial period. Although the special may vary depending on availability, each of the trial programs are geared towards orientating new comers with an easy way to see what’s right for them. Our flexible class times make it an easy fit for anyone’s schedule and even includes your very own private session. It is our #1 priority during this process to ensure your experience is fun, positive and informative. With a minimal investment and no long term commitment, the BAEPLEX trial program is the best way to get started.


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What You Can Expect

How much does it cost to join BAEPLEX?

After your trial, explore a little more with our three month Beginner Course. The Beginner Course offers the practitioner an easy transition to further their martial arts education without making a long term commitment. It is also a great way to experience more of the BAEPLEX culture. The individual program rate for the Beginner Course is between $150-$175/month. Our family plans have the best deal; pay for two family members and the rest of your immediate family is free!

What happens after the Beginner Course?

It is common, but not required, for new comers to renew the Beginner Course for  2-3 cycles. Once they graduate from that course, BAEPLEX offers an in-depth course called the Black Belt Club. This streamlined course offers the partitioner a customized pathway for their journey towards Black Belt. The rate for individuals at this level is $225/month. Family rates still apply.

*BAEPLEX also offers Leadership courses for eligible members.

Are there additional costs to take classes at BAEPLEX?

With the exception of experienced martial artists, everyone starts at the same Beginner Course. During the first several months you’ll be able to evaluate BAEPLEX and we’ll be able to assess program placement and help you with your goals. Besides testing for new levels from time to time, there are no additional fees beyond the monthly tuition. Additional clothing or equipment purchases are not necessary for progression during your first year, but available if you desire.

Why is there a separate cost for testing?

In order to advance your practice of martial arts, you’ll want to have goals and master the curriculum for each belt level. As so, there will come a time when you want to attempt to advance and learn new skills. Although there is no sure way of predicting how many times a member will test with a particular timeframe, BAEPLEX only offers belt tests 4 – 5 times per year. Color belt tests are $50/test and cover the cost for new belts, certifications, next level materials and covers the school for closing operations down for the day. It is up to the member whether he or she would like to include their testing fees into their monthly plan to keep the lowest possible monthly plan. 

What is the cost per class?

Because we have monthly memberships, there’s a monthly fee instead of a per class fee. Most people choose to participate two or three times a week. We are glad to send you a class schedule so you can look at the times and the types of classes offered.

Can I just come try it out?

BAEPLEX always recommends new comers start with a trial program. Our trial program is the Starter Course. This way we can all see what is the next bet step and if BAEPLEX is the right place for you. The trials also include a uniform for each participant.

Is there another way to join?

Elementary-aged children can take classes as part of our after school program. We offer pick up at several local elementary schools and supervised activities at our campus. This includes a beginner level class, an afternoon snack and other activities in the BAEPLEX afterschool room. Tuition for the after school program is $75 week for two days a week and $90 per week for three to five days a week.

Can I take other classes without joining?

BAEPLEX offers yoga, Pilates and kickboxing classes at different times during the year. Those classes can be attended as a six week session or a la carte (but first come, first serve until the class is full.) No additional membership is required. Current BAEPLEX members can attend these classes at a discounted rate.

Of course, questions from students and parents/guardians are always welcome. Because we deal with a broad spectrum of ages, abilities and interests, trial session intensities range from easy-medium. Somewhere within the trial period you will also learn more specific information about future program options that would best fit you, giving you the room to grow at your pace.

When possible, we also encourage new comers to observe a random class. This is a great opportunity to experience full sessions in action and from a different perspective.

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