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Jill Dalton

Jill Dalton“Martial arts teaches you how to bounce back – to try something new, to keep going and that it’s OK to fail.” – Jill Dalton

Jill Dalton doesn’t have a background in martial arts. Jill did not grow up practicing forms and going to classes. Jill wanted to be a preschool teacher. She majored in early childhood education and psychology and, eventually, became the school-age director at the YMCA of Greater Richmond.

Three and a half years ago, she made a change and decided to become a stay-at-home-mom to her two kids: Carsan, age (10) and Ned, age (5). Carsan was finishing kindergarten at Clara Byrd Baker Elementary the time and both Jill’s husband and the school principal (who is also Jill’s dad) thought that classes at BAEPLEX would benefit Carsan.

So they enrolled her in Tae Kwon Do classes, and summer camp at BAEPLEX.

“It was a great introduction to martial arts,” Jill says. “It was a more relaxed class. Learning with noodles and sword defenses was less intimidating. She really enjoyed story time, the ninjas and samurais and the martial arts adventures. I liked that she was learning character values and that dedication equaled results.”

After that, it seemed only natural that Jill and the rest of her family would become a part of the BAEPLEX family. Her daughter found her favorite class was the sparring class, to Jill’s surprise. “I’d say that I didn’t see that coming, because Carsan is pretty quiet.”

Now Jill has joined the BAEPLEX family for herself as the Afterschool Program Coordinator and Summer Camp Director. She’s working on earning her belts right now, taking care of her joints after more than 20 years of riding horses.

Her daughter earned her advanced blue belt recently and her youngest son, Ned, enrolled in classes at the young age of 2 to focus his excitement. He’s 6 now, and using his Tae Kwon Do skills every day.