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Martial Arts Training, Yoga Classes, Personal Training, Group Martial Arts | Williamsburg, VA

Eduction Martial Arts Williamsburg VA

Martial Arts Education can vary greatly among schools and various programs. It is important that you first decide what you are looking to gain from your training experience. Most people start their search because of a friend, community event or even a movie. In saying such, most people don’t really see the opportunity a professionally structured program can bring to their lives.

Instead of looking for a style, awards, ranks or even tournaments, begin your research with the end result in mind. What type of person would you or your student like to become? What types of character traits are important to you? What morals would you like to bestow and re-enforce in yourself or your child? What types of peers do you want around during your families martial arts education? Rank, Style and rewards have little to do with being able to empower people to reach new levels in personal excellence.

BAEPLEX is an organization that provides individuals, families, and other organizations with a unique support system. We take an educational approach to the physical arts and overall wellness to anchor-in healthy lifestyle habits for all ages. It is our mission to empower our clients to new levels of confidence, vision, and leadership that will last a lifetime.


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  1. A safe and welcoming environment.
  2. Consistent and professional staff, each of which has been brought up through our program.
  3. A clear and consistent system for progression.
  4. Easy to follow curriculum with support tools.
  5. Higher levels of training.
  6. Flexible yet predictable schedules.
  7. Instructor training programs.
  8. On-going community involvement.
  9. Family and community workshops for further education and fun.
  10. An extended family that cares.

Of course, questions from students and parents/guardians are always welcome. Because we deal with a broad spectrum of ages, abilities and interests, trial session intensities range from easy-medium. Somewhere within the trial period you will also learn more specific information about future program options that would best fit you, giving you the room to grow at your pace.

When possible, we also encourage new comers to observe a random class. This is a great opportunity to experience full sessions in action and from a different perspective.