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BAEPLEX New Campus Now Open in Upper York County, Virginia

The site of what York County officials are calling a wellness complex fit for “world-class competition” has started to move dirt. Joseph Ash is bringing his vision of an Asian-style fitness and wellness campus to a 6.2-acre tract of land at the end of Bulifants Boulevard in Upper York County. He broke ground on the new site of the Baeplex health and wellness complex Wednesday with his family, his mentor …

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A martial arts, yoga and wellness center with two locations in James City County is planning to consolidate its operations at a new multimillion-dollar facility in York County. Baeplex Family Martial Arts has been in business since 1979 and expects to spend $3 million over the next five years to build a wellness center campus on 6.2 acres of land at 500 Bulifants Boulevard in upper York County. The company paid $439,000 …

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Joseph Ash’s longtime vision to provide an all-encompassing wellness center for citizens looking to live a healthy lifestyle is coming to fruition. The owner of Baeplex Family Martial Arts Center, a martial arts and yoga studio currently on John Tyler Highway in James City County, recently signed off on the purchase of a 6.2-acre tract of land on Bulifants Boulevard off Mooretown Road. He plans to build an eco-friendly “wellness campus” consisting of yoga, martial arts, therapy, weightlifting…

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The New Baeplex – Just Past Your Comfort Zone

New Baeplex Campus in Williamsburg VA

Why are we moving to a new campus?

BAEPLEX will have an eco-friendly “wellness campus” consisting of yoga, martial arts, physical therapy, weightlifting, training, rehabilitation, gardens, walking trails and more. It’s part of Master Ash’s dream of an integrated wellness center that has martial arts at the heart of it.

The vision is to bring together the two location into one campus consolidating our energy to provide better services, and to have a customized facility specifically designed for our needs now and in the future.

One of the most exciting aspects is that it will include more indoor and outdoor learning opportunities and each practice (martial arts, yoga, weight training) will have its own environment.

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There are countless forms of martial arts in the world. Many people select their type of martial arts at random—they base it on what’s popular or what people they know are doing. But what type is less important than the overall benefits of martial arts education. Martial arts can be a way to increase personal development, reinforce positive character skills and to build goal-setting skills. It’s also a tangible way to learn how to bounce…

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Mr. Ash started martial arts training at the age of 7. It was a stroke of luck that his mom was handed a free pass for a class. At the age of 8 he decided he wanted to be a Black Belt, world champion, instructor, and movie star; so far three out of four have been achieved. When he was about 15 years old his instructor had been in an accident and no one was available to teach. He stepped up and started teaching in a “trial by…

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Despite the modern conveniences that kids enjoy, childhood today isn’t any easier than it was for their parents. Mainstream media often paints a bleak picture of youth, with reports of childhood obesity, ADHD, and bullying. What if there was something that could change that, courtesy of your local dojo? Although martial arts are often associated with fighting and violence, given its prominence in movies, video games, and…

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Forty students from Baeplex Family Martial Arts Center participated in the 2013 Spring and Summer Black Belt exam on June 9. Each student displayed their skills, talents and mental determination as they moved towards their goal of Black Belt and beyond, according to a press release from Baeplex…

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With the fast pace of the modern day family, there is a constant search for high quality programs that can fill voids and find a balance between school, work, family and exercise. Running from one activity to the next, eats away at not only time, but the overall quality of life for families. Not to mention, those activities often leave mom or dad on the side-lines watching instead of taking advantage of the benefits. Martial arts is a…

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Martial Arts is an ideal life-skills activity to involve your child. Specifically, between the ages of 4 and 7 years of age are wonderful times to get them enrolled. These are some critical growth times both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, there are very few high quality activities, like Martial Arts, that can facilitate programs for such ages and do so while positively impacting their development. I will share four brief insights as to how…

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