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Martial Arts Unlocked Book

Martial Arts Unlocked - A Parents Guide for Choosing a Martial Arts SchoolThere is no shortage of information out there about Martial Arts and the various styles. It’s easy to get confused. But now, Martial Arts Unlocked separates the hype from the facts. It provides you with the best tools to choose the ideal Martial Arts program for your family.

Master Joseph Ash, a martial artist and school owner with over 32 years of experience, breaks down the major types of Martial Arts schools. He gives an insider’s look at how the Martial Arts business works and provides a punch list of “musts” for a high quality program.

Written from the heart of a father, the spirit of a martial artist, and the mind of a business owner, Master Ash gives you a clear understanding of how to research, interview and select the best source of Martial Arts education for your family. “Finding the right Martial Arts school is like finding another family. In today’s fast paced world, we need an extra set of eyes on our kids, new outlooks for our future and a safe place where the whole family can reconnect in a quality activity. A professional Martial Arts school is the ideal support system that today’s families desperately need.”