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Mitchell Reinhart

Mitchell Reinhart - Martial Arts Williamsburg VA

Mitchell Reinhart - Martial Arts Instructor Williamsburg VA

“Teaching is learning.”

–Mitchell Reinhart


Mitchell Reinhart started martial arts at age 5 and joined BAEPLEX at age 6. It took him four years to get black belt at age 10. Today, he’s 19 and he’s been teaching Tae Kwon Do for five years. He competed for a number of years, travelling and meeting people from all over the world, which he said was “very exciting.”

“BAEPLEX is moving in a new direction. We are spearheading family martial arts and at the heart of that is a sense of positivity from Joe,” Reinhart said. “There’s no giving up. There’s no resentment or anger. It’s a belief that it will work out.”

Amidst this intense positivity, there is still realism that individual intensity varies. “Everyone has off days. Sometimes, you’re not feeling it right now, or you don’t want to go to class. But the community and the commitment keeps you going until you feel it again,” Reinhart said.

He even took a break from pursuing additional degrees on his black belt due to competing in high school, but returned to it again in time. Reinhart is in college now, working toward an education degree. If he doesn’t teach martial arts, Mitchell said he would like to teach high school.

“I’ve been teaching, but now I’m increasing my understanding and depth. In particular, I have an increased respect for teachers,” he said.

While Reinhart has excellent experience with classroom management, his underlying philosophy is based on positivity and diversity.

“Positivity is always a theme with us. We believe that students can do it. It’s just that everyone is different, and it takes different amounts of time for them to develop skills. So we might need to use different words, a song, a particular exercise or challenge to show them,” he said.


  • World Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt from Kuk Ki Won
  • Instructor at BAEPLEX
  • First Aid & CPR Certified
  • Two-time AAU National Team member