2019 BAEPLEX Summer Camp Series

Kids love the FUN… Parents love the BENEFITS!


Registration fee comes with a FREE Starter Course (for new comers) and Summer Camp Power Pack!

11 Theme Based Camps located at One Beautiful Campus

Adventure Camp
April 2 - 6

Learn a new martial art each day with the Adventure Camp. (During Spring Break)

Ninja Warrior Camp
June 17 - 21

This week is full of fun and learning as the leaders teach your child agility drills and safe exercises with padded weapons.

Team Building Camp
June 24 - 28

A great way to get to know people and develop life long skills of teamwork, cooperation and community

Sport Taekwondo Camp
July 8 - 12

In sport TKD Camp, your child will learn about the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo .

Vision Quest Camp
July 15 - 19

Your kid gets to create, shoot and be a part of their own action movie at the Visoin Quest Camp.

Power Friends Camp
July 22 - 26

Build resiliency in your child and their circle of influence by having them take part in the Power Friends Camp.

Nature Camp
July 29 - Aug 2

Campers in this camp will learn about gardening, our Environment and Art.

Leadership Camp
August 5 - 9

Modeled after the Leadership program at BAEPLEX, your child/ teen will receive a great introduction to leadership and it’s many applications.


Fun & Fit Camp
August 12 - 16

Whether your child is just getting into fitness or enjoys cross training for another sport, the Fun & Fit Camp is a great way to get in shape, meet friends and have fun.

Martial Arts Extreme Camp
August 19 - 23

The Martial Arts Extreme Camp provides the perfect blend of martial arts and acrobatics. Your child will learn how to jump, twist and kick in a fun and safe environment.

Empowerment Camp
August 26 - 30

Alongside our supportive mentors, your child will be guided through challenging exercises that will give them a sense of achievement. The Empowerment Camp is the perfect boost for the upcoming school year.

We'd be honored to host your family this summer

Thank you for considering BAEPLEX as part of your child’s summer camp experience. Kids love the games and activities, but the parents love the benefits and structure their kids receive from attending our camps. All BAEPLEX camps are hosted on our beautiful six acre campus providing your child with the opportunity for both in-door and out-door activities at one location. This year we are packing on the value with more field trips, more professional visitors and more on-site activities like, archery, soccer and basketball. We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps working with you throughout the coming months. Thank You once again and have a fantastic

You’ll be amazed at how much they will learn...

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Drop-Off & Pick-up

In addition to our published camp hours, BAEPLEX offers early drop-off times and extended hours for pick-up. Ask Success Team member for more details.

Pick-up Service

BAEPLEX offers pick-up service at two convenient locations. Ask Success Team member for more details.

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